During our current trying times we would like to share with you the availability of virtual sessions from the comfort of your home.

Empareja is a humanistic wellness center in Guadalajara, Mexico specialized in couples therapy with over thirty-three years experience. Our team is a group of highly qualified therapists trained in Person-Centered Approach by Carl Rogers and Systemic Therapy.

We have a strong belief that if there are issues in a couple’s relationship that needs attending, it is better to be accompanied by experts and have a professional present. The couples whom we have treated are capable to resolve their issues of jealousy and infidelity as well as overcome their lack of communication. We give constant oversight and continuum to help couples build new ways to relate to one another more intimately.

Leticia & Jean Daniel

“Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Therapy with Couples

Happy people make happy couples

El Problema

The Problem

The problem is not limited to one of the members of the couple but a part of the relationship that is not in harmony. The first step in therapy is to identify the issue in a calm, warm, secure, and safe environment.

La Solución

The Solution

We identify the couple’s main qualities and characteristics. We guide their strengths in the areas that need resolving.

El Beneficio

The Benefit

To have the appropriate tools will help build a stronger relationship where the members of the couple enjoy the ever-growing love they deserve. 

Common Problems

Jealousy • Infidelity • Lack of Communication • Conflicts • Differences in Educating our Children 

Diferencias en la crianza


Happy Couples

Empareja helped us to be more mature as a couple Thank you Lety Sánchez for your professionalism, passion, and joy!” 

Happy Couples

“Working with you was very enriching. For me, the best truth I learned was that my partner doesn’t upset me because he wants to, it is because of the reaction of several passed wounds and that this is what I need to focus on.”

Couple in Therapy

“Thanks to your group therapy and your accompaniment, I understood myself. Acceptance is key.”

Group Therapy

“We remained stagnant in a stage of our relationship, and each one of us wanted different things. Empareja aligned us. We discovered what we felt for each other, brought us to much awareness.  We answered the “Why?” of many ideas that kept us mainstreamed and we moved forward.”

Couple in Therapy

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Contact us

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