Problemas Comunes


Jealousy between each member of a couple can be considered natural. We do not want to lose the person we love, and we perceive it as a threat when a third person exists in our partner’s lives. Jealousy can be problematic when it converts into a controlling mechanism to recriminate and fight with our partner. We do not have the right to accuse our partners without cause. If we do, then there exists the possibility of infidelity.


Affaires with a third person is a problem where both members of a couple need to affront. Both are affected differently. This can be resolved if honest dialogue is exchanged, and the problem is confronted directly. To negate and ignore it when it was discovered, accumulates distrust upon distrust complicating the resolution.

Lack of Communication

Communication always exists where at times its deficiency hurts the couple because there is a lack of understanding. Poor communication habits include insulting, blaming, and disqualifying as well as giving one the silent treatment. Through the constancy and consistency of discipline, attitude, and listening; effective communication can be a learned habit.


Couples who are frequently in conflicts are trapped in a vicious circle (the wanting to be right) from which they are unable to exit. Both parts are convinced that if the other would submit, then the conflict would resolve without one consciously believing that if he or she were to back down first, the same would result. It is imperative to lower our shields and commence open-minded dialogue.

Differences in Educating our Children

Home education is different for everyone, which does not mean, “Mine is the only correct one and the other is incorrect.” Our children’s personal growth and development is different from our own. What is applicable to one is not applicable to another. Parents can establish their own proper rearing skills to guide their children to maturity; however, this requires distinctive strategies to be given. Each child needs different approaches.

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