Couples Therapy

Couples therapy in Empareja is psychotherapy with an Experiential-Systemic focus. We focus and find the interactive patterns and potentiate this to create a stronger bond between the members of the couple. In the beginning of the therapeutic process, we establish objectives working in a short-term extension of ten sessions expanding from three to six months.

Therapeutic Approach

Our model is one with over thirty years’ experience accompanying individuals, couples, and families.

At the beginning of the treatment, we look forward to establish an atmosphere of trust, acceptance, and respect.

During our first sessions, we focus defining observable objectives and collect important information to complete our scope and generate an exchangeable hypothesis of the problem.

In the following sessions, we create a therapeutic space. A place for encounter and assertive communication that is congruent and honest.

During the therapeutic process, we give the consultants tasks to generate new skills in behavior and in interaction allowing their transitions to flourish into new acceptable interactive patterns.

We look to potentiate the parts of the relationship that work and move those qualities to the problematic areas of the relationship.

We strengthen the loving union working on the affective, intimate, and sexual, reconnection of a couple’s relationship.

In the end, sessions are more spaced apart with the aim to make little adjustments and conclude treatment.


Individual Therapy

Empareja’s individual therapy model is a complement for couples therapy. Individual accompaniment for one to exercise responsibility in making better decisions in his or her development. We also establish objectives demanded by the consultant and work on them during the process of psychotherapy.


Family Therapy 

A couple’s issues from the relationship filter into the family nucleus. We have psychotherapists that facilitate therapy sessions with members of the family to achieve couple therapy objectives. Sometimes we offer the family individual therapy and couples’ therapy as well. The family process is usually shorter.


Group Therapy

Coming from Carl Rogers’ humanistic approach and family systemic therapy, this intervention provides a space where individuals encounter with their peers to share and to grow together within a realm of care and respect facilitated by therapists. We have three openings for our sessions during a one-year period:

Spring 15 sessions

Summer 10 sessions

Autumn  15 sessions

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Contact us

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