Necesitamos terapia

How does one know it is time for therapy? 

 Continuous arguments with one’s partner without clear resolutions

 Inability to communication affectively where both seem to be speaking in different languages.

 Suffering from unexplained jealousy.


 Problems rising with attending and rearing / educating one’s children

 Distancing has occurred and neither one knows how to reconnect.

 Difficulties in a relating with the in-laws

 Those who aspire to continue evolving in their relationship

 Continuously enjoying one another and achieve new objectives that both freely want to reach.


How to choose where to go?

 A safe and secure place where sufficient information and services are offered when asked.

 Formally prepared professionals with degrees from recognized institutions

 Experienced professionals in their fields.

Contact us

Contact us

Address:  Santa Teresa de Jesús #156, Camino Real, 45040 Zapopan, Jalisco, México.

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